Thursday, 15 September 2016

Good listening


  1. Malo e lelei Mele,
    Mr Margetts has shared your fantastic screencastify about posting to your blog. I really liked the way you clearly explained your learning. How about posting the screencastify to your blog! It would be great along with an explanation of your learning.
    Mrs Krausse

    1. Thank you very much..I really appreciate the feedback!

  2. Kia ora Mele,
    Just like Maria, I have also watched your screencastify about posting to your blog. I am a Facilitator who works with teachers and students in other schools who have chromebooks just like you SO your screencastify is going to be brilliant to share with them. This is a great example of learn, create, share. Let me know when you have posted your screencastify on your blog so I can share with others and get them to leave you a comment. Keep up the great sharing.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comment!I will be sure to post my screencastify on my blog soon!


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